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Child Development
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   Separation Anxieties
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Top 10 reasons for all parents and parents-to-be to register with PIAR:

  • Project PIAR was developed with excellent resources and is backed by powerful brain research.

  • At birth, the brain is remarkably unfinished. During the key brain development years, parents are the child’s first teachers.

  • In the first few years of life, the brain learns social and emotional skills.

  • The maximum development of Thinking Skills occurs between birth and 48 months.

  • The maximum development of Second Language Skills occurs between 5 and 10 months.

  • Project PIAR gives vital child developmental information to parents of children between the ages of birth to six.

  • Project PIAR organizes numerous programs to support and encourage parents to succeed in their role as their child's first teacher.

  • Project PIAR boasts a talented and trained volunteer force.

  • Project PIAR provides ongoing information on positive, active parental involvement.

  • Project PIAR empowers parents to make sure their children receive the best start in life.
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